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  • Who can attend microblading training?
    Everyone is welcome to join Rachel’s live microblading + shading certification courses. Our microblading training requires no previous experience, and both beginners and professionals can apply.
  • Where can I find training?
    You can find the full list of all our live training sessions if you CLICK HERE.
  • When and where are live trainings being held?
    You can find out the exact location (city) Rachel’s microblading training is being held by clicking on the unique page of that particular training on our live microblading training page. You can also find out the exact time for each training on their unique page. After you complete the registration for the training, we will contact you with detailed information about the exact address where the training will be held.
  • How much do microblading training sessions cost?
    For information about the price of live microblading training please CLICK HERE.
  • What payment option can I use?
    A deposit is required to pay an initial fee (deposit payment) at time of booking. This will automatically register you for the training and secure your place. Afterwards, you will have a remaining sum which needs to be paid on the day training begins.
  • How can I make payments?
    You are able to choose one of several payment methods that we accept: Credit Card – a fast and easy online payment method. We accept most credit cards issued in the USA, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc. When choosing this method of payment along with our deposit option you will be required to pay the remaining sum on the day training begins. ACH Direct Deposit – this method is a faster and better method than paper checks. It is available only in the United States. In case you require more information please visit their official website. When choosing this method of payment along with our deposit option you will be required to pay the remaining on the day before the start of training. Cashier’s Check – we are one of the few microblading schools that still accept this method of payment. In case you use this to make a deposit payment you will be required to pay the remaining amount on the day of the class but before it starts. Cash – we accept cash. When you choose this method of payment we require you bring the remaining sum of cash no later than on the day of the training (before it starts) to complete the payment. For more information please read our Terms of Service.
  • How can I request financing?
    As part of our offer we can offer you financing via PayPal Credit. If you pay the credit in full inside 6 months no payment or interest will be required from you. This applies only for purchases of $99 or more. In case you require financing please call us or send us a message. Upon your request, we will send you a financing form. If everything checks out and you qualify, you will receive financing on the same day.
  • When can I expect to receive a training confirmation?
    After you complete the payment for your training, you can expect to hear from us within 48 hours (during work days). Please don’t worry, we will contact you as soon as we confirm your payment. In that case you will most likely receive an email confirming your successful registration for the training. In case you don’t receive any confirmation from us after 48 hours, please contact us.
  • What do I receive as part of the microblading course?
    By registering for Rachel’s live microblading training you will receive all the necessary instructions, demonstrations, tools and support to pass the class and become a certified microblading artist. This includes: A $1,200 Premium PhiBrows Kit Theoretical and practical instructions One-on-one demonstrations on live models Work on skin simulations Work on live models A Certificate of completion A spot on the World Artist Map Lifetime support from instructor, students and artists Full access to the exclusive Craft Master App Six months of additional online training Access to additional material (photos, videos, tutorials) Access to a doctor for medical advice
  • What’s included in the kit?
    Each student of Rachel’s training receives a PhiBrows Professional Microblading Kit. The kit has over 50 individual pieces, and includes: 8 pigments (Brown 1, Brown 2, Brown 3, Golden Brown, Arabian Night (Black), Fox, Red, Yellow) PhiShield Candy (aftercare cream) 2 mileral microblading pencils (for marking) PhiBrows Golden Ratio divider 2 PhiBrows universal holders PhiBrows microblading tool 50 microblading blades 3 Boxes of disposable microblading tools (eccentric or classic) PhiBrows scissors and tweezers set 3 Latex practice skin simulations 1 Rubber pack (50 pcs.) All the products inside the kit are official PhiBrows products used by certified professionals (artists and masters) who use it to perform regular microblading treatments.
  • How many people can be treated with one kit?
    Your PhiBrows Premium Kit is intended to treat up to 80 clients. This depends highly on how responsibly you use the tools and products inside the kit. The kit has enough products and tools to provide you with everything you need during and after your training. This includes your practice period (3-6 weeks), and your first microblading treatments as a certified artist.
  • Does every student get a model?
    Yes. Every student of our live microblading training will get to work on a live model. You also have the choice to bring someone to serve as your model. Practicing microblading on actual eyebrows is an extremely important part of the learning process, and we ensure you will work with real people.
  • How many people attend each course?
    Maximum 10 students can attend one live microblading training. There can be less people in the class, but not more. This ensures you receive enough one-on-one time with the instructor, and the same amount of focus and attention as everyone else. It also ensures you receive the highest possible standard of training available in the USA.
  • Is lunch provided for students?
    You will be provided lunch during both days of training. Usually, lunch takes place around 1PM. On the first day of training, you enjoy a nice cooked meal, while on the second day you will receive something quick and easy due to the busy schedule. In case you have some dietary restrictions, please inform us before the training, or bring your own lunch.
  • How long does your training day last?
    Your live microblading training day starts at 9AM and lasts until around 5:30PM. This includes a lunch break and additional short breaks if necessary.
  • What does the schedule look like?
    DAY 1 09:00 – Registration and signing contracts 10:00 – Basic information about the course 10:15 – Golden ratio and how to shape eyebrows 10:45 – Material overview and handling tools 11:00 – Drawing strokes on skin simulation (latex) 11:15 – Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 12:00 – Break 12:15 – Level 5, 6, 7 and 8 13:00 – Lunch break 14:00 – Accessing and using the Craft Master App 15:00 – Theory lecture about microblading DAY 2 09:00 – Positioning based on practice and work from the previous day 10:00 – Practice on live models: · Drawing the shape using the PhiBrows app and calculating symmetry · Learning how to correctly stretch skin · Learning how to use anesthetics · Learning how to fill in pigment and apply different levels of pressure to the skin 13:00 – Lunch break 14:00 – Continuing practice on live models 16:45 – Q & A 17:00 – Handing out Certificates of Attendance
  • What do I need to bring to the training?
    Since this is an intense event you will need to bring comfortable shoes, a clean set of clothes (for each day of training), and your prefered mobile device (phone or tablet). You will also need to bring the health certification you are required to have when microblading. Please check the section below (WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO BEFORE THE TRAINING) for more information about the health certifications.
  • What licenses do I need for microblading?
    Depending on the location where you want to practice microblading in the USA, you will be required to have various documents in order to make your services legal. A Bloodborne pathogens and communicable disease certification (attained online from the American Red Cross for $25); A Tattoo License (obtained from your state’s Health Department; it may be called differently in different states); A Microblading Certificate (obtained from Art of Beauty Academy, it proves you have passed training and have enough work hours practicing microblading). We highly encourage you to read your state’s requirements regarding microblading. For more information please visit your state’s Health Department by putting a search query in your browser [Your state’s name] Health Department Tattoo License.
  • When is the final payment due for the live training?
    Depending on the payment option you choose, the final payment is due ON THE DAY TRAINING BEGINS -- BEFORE TRAINING BEGINS (when using Credit Card or Direct Deposit), (when using Cashier’s Check or Cash). For more information please read our Terms of Service.
  • Do I need to be an esthetician?
    This is a common question we receive. Only in rare cases do state laws require you to have an esthetician’s license in order to provide microblading services. Still, each state has its own laws regarding the practice of microblading. We suggest you check with your local Health Department to get updated information about this.
  • How long does it take to complete the training and get certified?
    After you complete the two-day intensive course, you will receive a certificate of attendance from PhiBrows Academy. Then you should work towards receiving a PhiBrows certificate. To get certified you will need to pass each level on the Craft Master app (covered during your live training). Usually, this takes students who have attended a class by master artist Rachel Gall 3-5 weeks, with some students passing it within 1-2 weeks. It all depends on how much time and energy you dedicate to practicing and training. The absolute maximum limit to complete the online training is 6 months. This might have confused you. This is only set to ensure you don’t give up on your dreams of becoming a microblading artist.
  • What do I need to become a Royal Artist?
    After you become a certified Phi Artist, the next step is to become a Royal Artist. This title will require even more experience, practice and dedication. To receive this title you will need to: Work at least 6 months as a certified artist Send 5 high quality treatments completed on live models Share your experience with other artists and masters Participate on microblading forums Promote yourself as an artist worthy of the title As you continue improving your microblading skills and receive other titles, you can expect to receive more clients and can generally charge more due to your experience, title and quality of work.
  • What price should I charge clients when I start microblading?
    The average price of microblading treatments can be anywhere between $300-$1500. How much you charge for your services and your price will depend on a few factors: Location – where you will provide microblading services to clients Experience – How much experience have you gained before and after getting certified Quality of Work – How good is your work in comparison to other artists Competition – How much competition is in your area, and how much do they charge When starting, you definitely don’t want to over price, but you also don’t want to put a price that can take away from the work you do. Always remember that you are a PhiBrows Artist, this means your microblading treatments follow the highest standards in the industry. Clients realize this and know your services will deliver high quality work every time.
  • How can I become a live microblading model?
    Please contact Rachel to find out more information about the entire process of becoming a live microblading model.



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